Slide show: Store tour of Cobblestone Hardware


Cobblestone Hardware was on display Aug. 22-24.


The fastener aisle included handy bolt gauges and color-coded products.


Strong presentations at endcaps included one with Krud Kutter cleaner and degreaser.


Workwear included the high-tech fashion statement of heated jackets, from Milwaukee.


The Coblestone layout emphasized “Dollar Central” merchandise and other impulse items near the entrance.


A display of Sloggers clogs included a Made-in-the-USA message.

Boston -- You won’t find Cobblestone Hardware anywhere outside of the Orgill Fall Market. But the Memphis, Tenn.-based distributor expects that many of the concepts will make their way into stores around the country.

The concept store at the Orgill market here at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was described as a core hardware store and measured about 10,000 sq. ft.

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