The Rockwool Group signs distribution deal with Lowe’s in the U.S.

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The Rockwool Group, a Danish supplier of stone wool insulation and other building materials worldwide, has signed an agreement with Lowe’s to supply products in 227 stores across 13 states in the United States, primarily in the East.

The products will be manufactured by Roxul Inc., the North American operations of Rockwool International, and distributed exclusively by PrimeSource. They include Roxul's Safe 'n' Sound fire and soundproofing insulation that significantly reduces noise transfer between rooms. Roxul's thermal insulation ComfortBatt R15 will also be readily available, which offers a maximum R-value performance in 2x4 wood studs and is aimed at the renovation market. Additional Roxul products will be available by special order at Lowes. 

Roxul, which currently sells its products in Lowe’s Canada stores, operates two Canadian manufacturing facilities, one in Milton, Ontario, and the other in Grand Forks, British Columbia. They produce residential products as well as industrial, commercial and marine stone wool insulation products.

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