Police dog recovers stolen merchandise

A K-9 officer in pursuit of two suspected shoplifters was able to recover tools stolen from a Lowe’s store in Burlington, N.C., according to a report by the Burlington Police Department.

On Dec. 12 at 4 p.m., a Sears loss prevention officer notified police of a larceny in progress and provided a description of both the suspect and the getaway vehicle, a white Chevrolet Lumina. When police arrived on the scene, they observed the vehicle nearly strike a pedestrian before it left the Sears parking lot and crashed into a tree.

Arrested at the scene was Paul Scuderi, age 27, the registered owner of the vehicle. Police say they found $626.70 worth of stolen tools from a Lowe’s store in his car. Scuderi was charged with possessing stolen property and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. He was booked into county jail.

A second suspect, Christopher Richards, age 23, fled the scene of the accident and was apprehended a short while later, according to police. Richards was charged with larceny for allegedly stealing clothing and tools from Sears valued at $287.95, resisting arrest, and possessing $626.70 worth of tools allegedly stolen from Lowe’s. He was also booked into the county jail.

A third suspect also fled the scene and was pursued by police, sheriff deputies, and a K-9 officer. The police dog was able to recover some of the stolen merchandise, according to assistant chief Greg Seel.

“The dog was doing a track of the suspect and he found [the suspect’s] coat,” Seel told Home Channel News. “The coat had the merchandise in it.”


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