Home Depot meets YouTube in viral marketing push - UPDATED

Home Depot concluded a unique Internet-based promotion this week, tapping user-generated content to promote DIY goods and services consumers can find at Home Depot stores.

The page drew 264 video entries for a chance to win a $25,000 Home Depot holiday gift card. Twenty second-prize winners will receive a $200 gift card.

The promotion also received significant consumer news coverage across the country. Additionally, as of Dec. 12, the consumer-produced YouTube videos had collectively been watched 80,000 times.

The winning video, titled "The Long's Rap," featured a Houston, Texas family rapping about the retailer, with lines such as "Home Depot - it's orange not yellow." Second place winners included titles such as "The Home Depoverture" and "Angelos and Jason's Ho, Ho, Home Depot Contest."

This is Home Depot’s first attempt at a YouTube-based viral marketing campaign.  To view the video entries visit

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