HCN's 2013 Hardware Store ALL-STARS

“Fifty stores from fifty states”

Bart and Diana Tyler, proprieters of Kelloggs & Lawrence in Katonah, N.Y., and DeWayne Tripp, owner of Hinton (Okla.) Hardware joined an elite crowd in 2013: HCN Hardware Store All-Stars. Their stores made the list, along with 48 other worthy retailers, one from each state.

I am a hardware store owner

I am a hardware store owner from MI, and it continues to baffle me how ACO could make a list like this. ACO stores have been more like dollar stores than hardware stores for many years in this state. What criteria was used to make this determination? Did someone from HCN just look up hardware stores in MI and see ACO the chain, and think, oh this is a top 50 for this state? I am an ACE hardware, but their are other hardware stores in this state, like me, that are true hardware stores.

With no disrespect, I would

With no disrespect, I would argue that ACO has shown an ability to adapt and survive. That's a good story in today's retail environment. They may not look like a traditional hardware store, but the same can be said of many successful home improvement retailers.

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